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We are so excited to be apart of the Sewing for Kindergarten Blog Tour this year! We have two little ones here at Striped Swallow Designs, my daughter Harbor and Ashley's daughter Aubrey, that just went off to Kindergarten. 

I will be honest...Harbor's school dress code had me less than thrilled about sewing for school when I first learned of their "uniform" policy this summer. They have to wear their school colors and it must be solid fabric. Once I finally moved past the fact I couldn't sew all my pretty floral fabrics for her, it turned out to be pretty fun and a fantastic sewing challenge for me! Talk to me in 9 years when she is finishing 8th grade and I've been sewing these colors for that long though...I might feel a little different ha.  

All the solid fabrics in this post are knit fabric and were purchased at either So Sew English or Knitpop.

For her first day of school, I decided to draft up something new. I'm always all about adding fun details to patterns and with having to use solid fabrics, details are a must! This is the Willow Raglan (in testing now and releasing very soon!) which has 3 different back views, the tie back shown here.

Since Harbor is my first school age kiddo, I haven't ever had to worry about school dress codes, like length, straps or showing armpits <---yes, that's in the rules! The first SSD pattern that came to mind which I thought would be perfect perfect for school is the Boheme Sky. It's such a super quick and easy sew, that she may end up with 10 more for this year. 

I don't own any simple tee patterns, so I decided to draft this dolman and it's so perfect in this modal. Harbor obviously thought she was pretty cool in it. 

Of course Harbor's namesake pattern, the Harbor Knot, had to make an appearance in her new wardrobe!

The Nina by Made for Mermaids came out just before the start of school and I loved the hem line so it got added to the school sewing list! 

Another Willow Raglan, this time the dress with the simple v back. 

And the Boheme Sky again -- this time the tunic and I added some cute cross straps to the back of this one. Have you noticed she is a little sassy yet?! ;) 

School picture day was uniform free day, wahoo!! I've been hoarding this floral I received in a Knit Fix box from Girl Charlee over 2 years ago and thought it would be sweet for school pics. I lengthened the dolman I mentioned above to make a dress.Harbor was a bit upset with me though when she saw the dress and it wasn't pink. After she realized there were pink flowers she decided she would happily wear it though! 

And a few more pics for fun...Meet the teacher day in her Moon Dance Tank, the first day of Harbor walking into school without me (man that was tough on me!) and walking/riding the golf cart to school with friends. I hope all your little ones are enjoying school as much as Harbor Capri!




My turn!! It's Ashley here! As Mandalynn said my daughter Aubrey started Kindergarten this year. Aubrey doesn't have as strict of a dress code as Harbor has (no armpits, that one gave me a giggle) so I haven't had to sew as much for her but I will share with you the few fun sews I did get in!

First we had Kindergarten Orientation! After Mandalynn told me some of the rules in Harbor's Dress code I decided to look ours up. I have an older son so I haven't ever even thought to look at the dress code as he wears t-shirts most days. One of the rules was no spaghetti straps, in comes the Desert Breeze. Does the Desert Breeze count as a spaghetti strap? It has sleeves though! I decided to make one for Orientation so that I could ask Aubrey's teacher whether it was appropriate or not. Good news is that it was!! Isn't this mural at the kid's school awesome?


I had a lot of ideas about what Aubrey's first day of school outfit should look like. For the longest time I imagined that she would wear a woven OTT dress with some Mary Janes and it would be amazing! In reality though it was going to be 98* the first day of school and I knew she would be doing flips and playing on the monkey bars. I decided on the Willow Raglan with this fun Hello Kindergarten HTV on it. 

School spirit day! What sewing mom wants to send their little girl in a drab school shirt? Not this one! I decided on the Willow Raglan again to spice up her school spirit and it was perfect! 

I hope you all enjoyed our Back to School sewing! Have a great school year! I know Aubrey is having a ton of fun!



And don't forget to stop by the rest of the tour for more amazing Kindergarten sewing!

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Mandalynn Soileau
Mandalynn Soileau


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September 22, 2017

The armpit also made me giggle! Blue is daughter’s favorite color, but I indeed would wonder if it would remain that if have to dress it that often. The yellow option would totally make me want to want me to make her a golden dress, that is yellow right ;)

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