Women's Boheme Sky - Tester Round-Up

The Women's Boheme Sky is now available!! The pattern can be made in three lengths and has four sleeve options. There is also nursing mod instructions included in the pattern! Check out all the testers amazing tunics, midis and dresses and then head over and use coupon code WBOHEMESKY for $3 off now through Monday, November 9th at 11:59PM CST. Or bundle up and save by using the coupon code BOHEMESKYBUNDLE to get both the girl's and women's Boheme Sky patterns for $16 total when you purchase The Boheme Sky Bundle.

Tahnee - midi

Emily (@enjoyful_makes) - dress length with nursing mod

Savanna - midi

Ashley (Magically Stitched) - midi

Cassandra (Pear Berry Lane) - midi (shortened)

Darcy (The Ruffled Stitch) - dress length

Terri (My Flawsome Life) - tunic

Maria (3 em linha) - tunic

Erin (@theeleventhirtyfive) - tunic (shortened)

Brittany (Little Indian Pony) - dress length

Bethany - midi

Diane - dress length and midi

Myrna - dress length

Tonya - tunic

Tahnee - midi

Jamie - midi

And a few of my Boheme Sky, nursing friendly versions...tunic, midi and dress with my 30 week belly :)




Mandalynn Soileau
Mandalynn Soileau


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Michelle McKean
Michelle McKean

January 18, 2017

I’ve only just found this site and boy am I excited. I Love this design and it’s going straight to the too if my wish list.

Tahnee Eaton
Tahnee Eaton

November 05, 2015

I love this pattern! This is the first thing I’ve done for myself and it makes me feel confident and beautiful! I love testing for Striped Swallow Designs, excellent patterns always an enjoyable experience :-)

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