April 21, 2015

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Hi there, it's me -- Mandalynn! Thank you {sincerely} for stopping by and supporting my dream and boho chic style. I hope you will find something in my creative space that inspires you. And if you are interested in knowing more about me, my designs and how I ventured into designing sewing patterns...stay tuned, I'll have more up on this page soon :)

Women's Coachella Shorts - Slim Fit Version

When Girl Charlee came out with their awesome pineapple fabric, I knew it would be perfect for Coachella Shorts! Since I decided to go with the pineapple denim I wanted the shorts to be a closer fit than all my other Coachella Shorts. The Women's Coachella Shorts were drafted to be more of a relaxed fit, which works great with knit and other fabrics with good drape. So I went ahead and just sized down for the denim and they fit great!

I then decided to draft up a Slim Fit version, which is particularly beneficial for those that measure XS and wanting a closer fit since they would not be able to simply size down. Here are a few of the Slim Fit versions my testers created...

Ashley (Magically Stitched)


Megan (The Northern Belle)




 Kayla (Just Grin and Wear It)

You can grab the Women's Coachella Shorts for $2 off during the re-release sale! No coupon code necessary, price as marked. Expires April 23rd at 11:59PM CST.  If you already own the pattern you should have received an email regarding the updated pattern and how to download.



Mandalynn Soileau
Mandalynn Soileau


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Sarah Mitchell
Sarah Mitchell

April 21, 2015

I was unable to download the slim version of the coachella shorts , could you please help me to obtain the new slim version?
Thank you in advance. Sarah

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