Hideaway Hacks

January 10, 2018

Hideaway Hacks

Pictured left to right - High Neckline (Hideaway) / Boat Neck (Starry Night) / Off Both Shoulders (Hideaway)

High Neckline

For the high neckline hack, just skip using the facing piece to cut the neckline, using just the bodice piece to cut the neckline. Then press 1/2" towards the WS and hem.

Boat Neck

For the Starry Night with the boat neck pictured above, just follow the below instructions and use the facing to cut the neckline on your Starry Night pattern piece.

BOTH VIEWS (facing) - Next we will prepare the facing. You want to use the sweater knit facing (pattern piece #5). 

Fold the facing in half, matching up the two upper corners. 

Cut along the crease. We will use the right side of this facing.

Now cut your two bodice pieces. Line the facing up with the center fold of the fabric, with the upper right point touching the shoulder. The bottom right point of the facing won't match up perfectly, but that is fine.

Cut along the top of the facing.

Next cut your facing by lining up the left side on the center fold of the fabric -- cut 2.

Time to sew, per the Hideaway tutorial. You will want to topstitch and tack down the neckline once finished.

Wearing Off Both Shoulders

At this time I can only recommend this hack for Double Brushed Poly as it has great drape, stretch and recovery to be able to keep the shoulders up without a band.

Use the boat neck instructions above to cut the neckline. Then you will want to make the following adjustments.

VIEW A (under arms) - I prefer to make a slight adjustment to the bodice. The reason to make this adjustment -- since the dolman will sit lower when being worn off both shoulders, it brings the extra fabric under the arms down which end up around the waist. So we just want to remove that fabric from the pattern piece. (View B was drafted with less fabric under the arms so you are fine to skip this adjustment for that view unless you prefer otherwise).

Find where it starts to curve on the side seam. Measure up 1.75" and place a mark. (If you are not sure if you will want to wear the top as the boat neck or off both shoulders, you can wait to make these adjustments after sewing the Hideaway and trying it on to see how it sits on you.)

Blend this point in with the sleeve curve. Cut the pattern piece along this line.

BOTH VIEWS (sleeves) - you may want to remove an inch from the sleeve length as the sleeves sit lower as well, which will create more bunching around the elbow than intended. Leave cuffs as is.

Time to sew, per the Hideaway tutorial. You will want to topstitch and tack down the neckline once finished.




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