August 01, 2016


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Hi there, it's me -- Mandalynn! Thank you {sincerely} for stopping by and supporting my dream and boho chic style. I hope you will find something in my creative space that inspires you. And if you are interested in knowing more about me, my designs and how I ventured into designing sewing patterns...stay tuned, I'll have more up on this page soon :)

Desert Breeze Maxi Split Tutorial

Who doesn't need another Desert Breeze? Me...just kidding!! 

I am excited to finally share how I made this Desert Breeze maxi during testing! Use coupon code DBMaxi now through Wednesday, August 3rd at 11:59 P.M. for 25% off of the Women's Desert Breeze pattern. 

To start you will want to construct your bodice using your View C pattern pieces and tutorial. I did go ahead and finish off my straps first. 


Time to cut your skirt! I am 5'4" and knew I wanted a little extra length to my maxi to accommodate wedges or heels. I cut my two skirt pieces at 44 inches long and left the width the same as what the pattern calls for.

Mark the bottom center of your front skirt piece, I like to iron mine. And following the tutorial on page 12 attach the skirt to your bodice. It is very important not to forget your clear elastic during this step, with the extra weight on the skirt you want your seams to be as stable as possible. 


Stitch up your side seams, you can also hem here like I did if you want to, and now you should have a Desert Breeze Maxi dress!


Find the mark you made for your center front skirt. You will measure 6" out from the center on both sides of this mark, this is where your slits will be cut. 


This next part is completely personal preference but I tried on my dress to see where I wanted my slits to come up to. For my original I cut my slits up 23.5" and they hit right at the middle of my knee. But for this one I want them to be just above my knee so I am going to cut them at 26".

At the top of each slit cut a little V. (If you want to leave the edges raw on your slits skip this step). 


Now finish your seams, or don't, however you like. I used my coverstitch and finished the edges on my original dress. For this dress I went with the serge and sew.

Fold the slits right side together and stitch diagonally to make a small triangle at the top. (Be sure to keep your V of fabric on the inside of the dress while sewing this step).

Hem your skirt if you haven't already. You are finished with your Desert Breeze Maxi Split Dress!! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I can't wait to see your maxi dresses. Be sure to join our Facebook Group  and share!

Happy Sewing!


Ashley Lundin
Ashley Lundin


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