Blending Sizes - Women's Rhapsody Joggers

February 08, 2017

More than likely the recipient won’t fall perfectly into one size. So I'll provide a few tips on blending sizes for the Women's Rhapsody Joggers. You'll want to start with your hip/seat measurement (the fullest part of your bum), this will be the size you start with and can make the following adjustments if necessary.

Below we will take a look at adjustments for waist, calves, thighs and full butt adjustment.


Next look at the waist measurement, if you fall into a smaller or larger size for waist you will want to make an adjustment to your back pant leg. We will leave the front pant leg alone since there is extra ease in the front pant leg for drape if your waist is larger or if your waist is smaller it will just create a couple more drapes. 

Draw a line from the midpoint of the back crotch curve (starting at the size selected based on hip) to the top of the size based on waist. Make sure you draw your line up to the rise for the size you are using for hip though.

For a smaller waist:

For a larger waist:


The Rhapsody Joggers are fitted through the calf/ankle. If your calf measures bigger than the size you are making you will want to blend the bottom of the pants (approx. 9” up from the bottom of the pant leg) out to the size for your calf and use the ankle cuff for this size as well. Here is a look at the S blended out to the M. 


There is plenty of ease in the Rhapsody Joggers thighs so if you measure one size larger thigh than hip and don't want to blend you will be fine. If you have smaller thighs and want to take out some ease or if you just want a slimmer fit through the thigh, start with the crotch point you measured for hip/seat and draw a line in to the line for the size needed for thigh (or out for blending to larger size). Continue with this new line for the rest of the leg unless you are blending for calves as well. (Back pant leg shown here, repeat for front pant leg as well.)

Full Butt Adjustment

The Rhapsody Joggers are low rise with a dropped crotch. Though there is extra room in the crotch length because of the dropped crotch, you will still want to do a full butt adjustment if you have a full booty for the best fit. 

Slash and spread the back pant leg. To do this, place your straight edge where the fullest part of your bum would be. You will then cut across the back pant leg starting at the crotch curve to the outer seam, but not through the outer seam. 

Spread open the pant leg.

Mend and blend the curve.

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