Elsa Inspired Soho Maxi

January 02, 2015

Harbor's first dance performance -- CUTEST and funniest thing I've ever seen!

I'm so excited to share with you all my daughter's Elsa inspired Soho Maxi! Harbor had her first ballet performance a few weeks ago and it made my year (be sure to catch the video at the end of this post)!

When her ballet teacher told us that they would be doing their dance to "Let it Go" and would need Elsa costumes...I of course was super pumped because I finally had a reason to finish this Soho Maxi I started back in October!

I had originally made it as the maxi version, but didn't want her tripping on the dress...she fell down enough during the performance, I'm definitely glad I made it short ;) I just tacked up the dress underneath so it was short, bubbly and more ballerina-ish and it can easily be floor length again when she wants to play dress up.

I was running out of time and Jo Ann's was sold out of the fabric I wanted to use for her cape...so luckily I had just enough left over from my niece's Halloween costume! Not enough to make it detachable as planned, but when you procrastinate sometimes you just have to make due ;)

winter collage.jpg

I've watched this performance a thousand times and I still laugh. Harbor is such a performer (always!) and of course princess ballerinas are the BEST!

And just in case you can't tell....Harbor is the 2nd to come out on the stage. ENJOY!

I never got around to posting photos of my daughter and niece in their Halloween costumes, so bonus pics for this post! I made Harbor's Anna inspired dress using brownie-goose's Bay Dress and the cape from Fleece Fun's tutorial. Kynleigh's Elsa dress was made using CKC's Elise's Everyday Princess Dress.

I hope everyone's holidays were fantastic and wish you all the happiest 2015!!



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