Wanderer Tunic - Tester Round-Up

January 27, 2015

Wow the response to the Wanderer Tunic has been overwhelming! I'm truly so grateful for all the wonderful testers that helped make this pattern fantastic! I designed this pattern with the double banded, 3/4 length sleeves in mind, eventually adding long and short options. I had no idea though when I sent it off to testing that I would eventually end up with 10 sleeve options in this pattern. My testers did such an amazing job of using their creativeness to make each one of their tops truly unique. I love them all!! Get ready for a picture overload....

Short sleeves with elastic (by Tina)

Short sleeves with lace (by Christina, The DIY Mommy)

3/4 length with fabric & lace bands (by Erin)

3/4 length with lace bands (by Ashley, Magically Stitched)

Ashley 10.jpg
Ashley 21.jpg
Ashley 11.jpg
Ashley 22.jpg
Ashley  23.jpg
Ashley 18.jpg
Ashley 19.jpg

Short sleeves with trim and band (by Emily)

Emily 10.jpg
Emily 6.jpg
Emily 14.jpg
Emily 2.jpg
Emily 12.jpg
Emily 5.jpg

Long sleeves with fabric bands and lace (by Heather, Cozy Cute Creations)

Heather 14.jpg
Heather 15.jpg
Heather 16.jpg

Short sleeves hemmed (by Julie, Our Chez Nous)

Wanderer Tunic-1.jpg
Wanderer Tunic-1-1-2.jpg
Wanderer Tunic-2.jpg
Wanderer Tunic-4.jpg
Wanderer Tunic-6.jpg
Wanderer Tunic-7.jpg

3/4 length with fabric bands and ric rac (by Lilia) {please note the pattern was adjusted and sleeves are not quite as puffy as shown in Lilia's gorgeous version}

Lila 5.jpg
Lilia 2.jpg
Lilia 3.jpg

Short sleeves with fabric band (by Ashley, Magically Stitched)

Ashley 20.jpg
Ashley 15.jpg
Ashley 3.jpg
Ashley 13.jpg
Ashley 5.jpg
Ashley 14.jpg
Ashley 17.jpg

Long sleeves with lace (by Melissa, Rebel and Malice)

melissa 7.jpg
melissa 11.jpg
melissa 8.jpg
melissa 9.jpg
melissa 10.jpg

Short sleeves with elastic (by Emily)

emily 8.jpg
emily 9.jpg
emily 15.jpg
emily 16.jpg
emily 18.jpg
emily 17.jpg

Long sleeves with optional contrasting elastic casing (by Tracy)

Tracy 13.jpg
Tracy 20.jpg
Tracy 3.jpg
Tracy 5.jpg
Tracy 8.jpg
Tracy 2.jpg
Tracy 10.jpg
Tracy 17.jpg
Tracy 25.jpg

Long sleeves with ruffle shirred sleeves (by Traci, Stitching by Love)

Traci 5.jpg
Traci 8.jpg
Traci 9.jpg
Traci 10.jpg

Short sleeves and 3/4 length variations (by Lisa)

lisa 10.jpg
lisa 12.jpg
lisa 11.jpg
lisa 13.jpg

Long sleeves with fabric bands (by Krystal)

Krystal 3.jpg

Short sleeves with trim and band (by April) {Model is a size 12 wearing a size 14}

April 2.jpg
April 4.jpg
April 13.jpg

Short sleeves with lace (by Meri, La & Le Creations)

meri 3.jpg
meri 2.jpg
meri 4.jpg
meri 5.jpg

A few other beauties...

2015-01-26 15.32.27.jpg
photoshop 5.jpg
wanderer back.jpg

Well if you are not inspired after seeing all those amazing Wanderer Tunics...I don't know what to tell you ;) Seriously though, the testers created some fabulous tunics and I could not be more happy with the outcome of this pattern. I've been working on this for several months and almost scrapped it twice, but thankfully pushed through and it is ready for you all, yipee!

You can pick up your copy on my website here or on Craftsy (anyone wanting to use PayPal will need to purchase on Craftsy). There is a Release Sale going on through this Friday, January 30th ($2 off, no code needed).

Hope you all love this tunic as much as my daughter and me! Oh and yes, there will be a women's version coming as well :)



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